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Vincent by Tim Burton

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Vincent by Tim Burton

DescripciónVincent is a funny poem written by Tim Burton, the famous film director (Corpse BrideCharlie and The Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, Nightmare before Christmas…).

Through different resources and tests exploring Tim Burton's personality and works, Secondary students can practise new vocabulary, pronunciation and listening comprehension. Several sites related to the activity are also linked at the end.


Timothy Walter, "Tim", Burton is an American film director, film producer, writer and artist. He is famous for dark  movies such as Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland, his most recent film.



 He also wrote and illustrated the poetry book The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories and has published a compilation of his drawings, entitled The Art of Tim Burton. book



   Tim Burton spent most of his childhood drawing cartoons and watching old movies (he was especially fond of films with actor Vincent Price). His artistic talent was early recognized when he won a prize for an anti-litter poster he designed.

   After graduation from high school, he attended California Institute of the Arts. Burton's first job was as an animator for Disney. He worked on Disney films, but he had some different ideas. However, Disney recognized his talent and he was allowed to make Vincent (1982). Vicent is a strange boy who is obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe, author of horror and mistery stories and poems. The story shows how he builds up his own world through his dark imagination. The short was inmediately successful and won several awards.

   Burton made a few other short films but, in 1985, he finally became popular as he directed the film Pee-wee's Great Adventure. From the early shorts to his latest work, Alice in Wonderland, he has made 14 films and he is considered one of the most important film directors in the late 20th century.

Tim Burton's movies


Now go to page 2 to enjoy the short film Vincent.

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Por Ana M. Almarza en Inglés el 25.09.11 con 24 comentarios Bookmark and Share
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24 comentarios


[1] Por Alejandro Valero el 26.09.11/19:58 Enlace permanente   Responder 

Alejandro Valero

This is a very funny poem, Ana, in all senses. It is a very peculiar story, because of its horror scenes, and it is an enjoyable text, because it makes us smile and laugh and have a good time. Vincent is a real boy full of imagination and he is also very artful. I wonder what he does at school when he gets bored! When he is older, he will be a film director and a writer, like Tim Burton. Thank you, Ana, for this wonderful film. {#lang_emotions_smile}

[1.1] Por Ana M. Almarza el 26.09.11/20:48 Enlace permanente

Ana M. Almarza

Thanks a lot, Alejandro. I hope my students like this activity! {#lang_emotions_smile}

[1.2] Por Alejandro Valero el 26.09.11/23:36 Enlace permanente

Alejandro Valero

Ana, I'm sure our students will like this activity, but we must be careful in case some of them want to imitate Vincent's tricks with us. Can you imagine? Risa

[1.3] Por Ana M. Almarza el 27.09.11/16:48 Enlace permanente

Ana M. Almarza

Vincent was a brilliant student at school

but imagined his teachers drowning in a pool!

[1.4] Por Alejandro Valero el 30.09.11/19:54 Enlace permanente

Alejandro Valero

Wow, Ana! Those are two very good lines! Congratulations! {#lang_emotions_embarassed}

Let's see if I can be as poetic as you are:

When Vincent gets bored at school, he always finds
a tricky way to make his teachers lose their minds.

[2] Por Laura Serrano el 28.09.11/10:16 Enlace permanente   Responder 

Laura Serrano

Enhorabuena, Ana.

Me encanta Tim Burton, pues es uno de los directores más literarios que conozco. Atrapa la magia de la poesía de los cuentos de hadas y de todo el imaginario infantil.

Ya trabajé sobre él en mi blog y tengo nuevos proyectos sobre otras dos narraciones cinematográficas suyas.

Tu aportación es preciosa.

Un abrazo.

[3] Por Ana M. Almarza el 28.09.11/16:43 Enlace permanente   Responder 

Ana M. Almarza

Gracias, Laura. {#lang_emotions_embarassed}. Leeré con calma la entrada de tu blog. A mí me gusta especialmente Charlie y la fábrica de chocolate porque me gusta Roald Dahl y la puesta en escena de Tim Burton está a la altura de la imaginación infantil, sin límites como tú dices... Y el chocolate es el chocolate, claro. {#lang_emotions_laughing}

[4] Por Lucía 2 Eso B el 29.09.11/23:47 Enlace permanente   Responder 


I love Vicent's poem, but is very scary, and these activities are very interesting.

Tim Barton is a genius! My favourite Tim Burton's film is 'Nightmare before christmas'  I love it!

About Vicent's poem, the characters are amazing!! They are plasticine!!!

I saw that characteristic before, but in this video, It is really good.

Thank you for Tinglado's things. Thank you very much, Ana

Lucía 2º Eso B

[4.1] Por Ana M. Almarza el 30.09.11/08:22 Enlace permanente

Ana M. Almarza

Thank you very much, Lucía. I enjoy a lot working for El Tinglado but what I appreciate most is your comments! {#}

[5] Por leticia el 25.10.11/13:42 Enlace permanente   Responder 


I love Tim Burton , he is perfect director and  I like  the movies. <3

[6] Por plamen danielov el 25.10.11/13:50 Enlace permanente   Responder 


I don't like Tim Burtonnnnnnnnn, I like The Simpsons and Batmannnn.

I like activities and the video.

[7] Por Carmen el 25.10.11/13:55 Enlace permanente   Responder 


The video is beautiful and funny.

The activities are good.

[8] Por cristina el 25.10.11/13:56 Enlace permanente   Responder 


The video is beautiful and funny and the activities are funny and my favourite film by Tim Burtom is Alice In Wonderland.

[9] Por anónimo el 25.10.11/13:56 Enlace permanente   Responder 


Me parece que es un poco dramático al principio y al final pero lo mas dramático que tiene esta escena fue cuando le castigó su madre y se fue a su habitación pero estaba bien auque muy friki pero ha molado. :)

[10] Por Carlos el 25.10.11/17:35 Editar Enlace permanente   Responder 


I love Tim Burton because he´s very funny.

[10.1] Por Estela el 26.10.11/16:50 Enlace permanente


It's a bit strange, but very fun. I especially liked when he reads a book they have buried their beloved alive and starts searching in the garden, his mother punished him.
The movie by  Tim Burton that I liked most was  Sleepy Hollow, because I remember it when I was a baby with my sister and it was very well.

Estela Girón 1º ESO- B

[10.2] Por Ana M. Almarza el 26.10.11/17:26 Enlace permanente

Ana M. Almarza

Good Estela!. I had to correct some mistakes but it's a good comment. "Positivo" for you. {#lang_emotions_smile}

[11] Por Ricardo el 30.10.11/12:26 Enlace permanente   Responder 


This comentary is about the Vicent´s poem.I don´t like very much because is very scary, sad and dark.The only thing I liked is the technique to make the film.

[12] Por Lucía Senent Alonso el 31.10.11/14:13 Enlace permanente   Responder 



I like Tim Burton vey much. I think that he is a very good film director.

I like all his movies and especially I love Edward Scissorhands because I think that it is the most originally film and Johnny Depp works in it, one of my favourites actors.

Also I like the video about Vincent, I think that it is strange and curious.

I have also seen the video about the raven from Los Simpsons. It was good but I prefer Vincent.


Lucy 1º Bachillerato C

[13] Por Valeria Iglesias el 01.11.11/19:54 Enlace permanente   Responder 


I have enjoyed this whole activity very much. I really like Tim Burton's work. Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride and Big Fish are some of my favourites. 

Vincent is brilliant; both the boy and the poem. One more proof of Tim Burton's signature style and aesthetics. What I loved the most about it was the fact that Vincent Price was the narrator, which reminds us of his narration of Poe's most famous poem, and of course the mention of said poem The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, who is one of my favourite writers. The Raven is truly brilliant and the parody by The Simpsons of it was funny. This has been a fine activity, I hope we have more like it. Maybe some Poe or Roald Dahl in the future? 

Valeria Iglesias Plester - 1st of Bachillerato C

[14] Por Ana M. Almarza el 02.11.11/09:02 Enlace permanente   Responder 

Ana M. Almarza

Thanks a lot, everybody. Sonrisa

Thanks, Valeria, for the link. If you like Roald Dahl have a look at this poem: Television

[15] Por Maria Paloma 1ºE el 03.11.11/13:43 Enlace permanente   Responder 


Congratulations on the blog, it is very interesting.

I like Tim Burton movies.

[16] Por Sara Sánchez el 05.11.11/13:11 Enlace permanente   Responder 


I love Tim Burton!, is my favorite film director. I think he is different because  he plays a lot with the audience′s imagination. My favorite film is Nightmare before Christmas, I saw it when I was 7 years old and I watch it over and over again ever since. I love his movies because they have extraordinary and imaginative events ans I like all the songs from the movies, too.  Another thing I like about his films is that sometimes Johnny Depp stars in them and I like him so much!

In conclusion I love Tim Burton's films and videos because they are strange and different.

Sara Sánchez Bernárdez. - 1º Bachillerato C

[17] Por Julian Bernabe el 06.11.11/18:10 Enlace permanente   Responder 


This video is really funny and creative!!

I think it's as interesting and scaring as "Corpse Bride", which I saw in the cinema few years ago and like it very much as well.

See you,

Julian Bernabe Calvo---1ºESO (B)

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