El delfín de El tinglado
El delfín de El tinglado

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Linking words

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Watch this video to the end:

To complete the story fill in the gaps with the words given:

 finally, although, first, so, while, besides, later, consequently, despite, when, then, however, as a result, as, because of, but (2)

Key to check your answers:rightwrong


The boy who was afraid of the wind

he was just a baby, Brave Boy was lying in his cradle. Suddenly, the window opened; it was a windy day. he was having fun looking at the toy moving around quickly, he started crying the toy fell on his head.

Later, at the age of 2, he was having a birthday party with his best friend, Dog. something terrible happened! Brave Boy tried to blow the candles on the cake and he got so close that his paper hat burnt! Dog had to smash the cake on his face to stop the fire!

he had a serious problem with a girl at the bus stop when he got under her skirt, he was hurt with a kite string, he fell off a swing... And, it was always the wind!

, Brave Boy grew up frightened by windy days.

And it was on one of those windy days when his life changed forever.

Dog was waiting for a walk Brave Boy didn´t want to go out as the wind was terrifying! the door opened and Dog flew outside. Boy ran after him and, after a terrible flight, he found himself on the top of a strange rock surrounded by dogs and clothes that had also flown up.

He was scared; he decided to do something!, he built kites with the clothes and the branches of a tree; , he tied up every dog to a kite. , and thanks to the wind, all of them flew back home easily.

The owners of the dogs were really happy and, , Brave Boy became a kind of hero!

Oh no!!!!!! That was not the end of the story! When Brave Boy seemed to have forgotten his fears, he woke up! It had been just a dream! He was still sitting inside the wind was blowing!

Anyway, even if it had been only a dream and his bad experiences, Brave Boy had learnt something: windy days can end happily!

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