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James Bond – Mission Accomplished

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3. Write the next James Bond's mission

1. Did you like the activity? It wasn't as hard as it seemed, was it? But now you can write your own story about James Bond's next mission. If you don't find inspiration, we can give you the beginnings of some stories. In the next activity, you will find three different missions with two possibilities for each story. Choose the story that you like best and write your story in the text area below. Press the START button.


2. As an example, here is a full story that you can read after you order the sentences. Pay attention to the sequence adverbs and the conjunctions, because they help to order the text: yesterday, later, then, while, when, but, and, because. Order the story by clicking on a number and then on the text on the right column.

Your stories

Padlet3. Now write your short story or sketch on the Padlet wall below. Doubleclic on the background image and a text area will appear for you to write a short story. Your story will be published after it is approved. Some of my students have already published their funny stories with a bit of my editing. We hope you like them. {#lang_emotions_smile}

Created with Padlet


I have used Strip Generator web application to create the comic strips in this activity. You can use this funny tool to create your own comics and stories.



You can also write a story by:

  • Writing a comment in this post.
  • Writing a text in this editor and then sending it to your teacher or printing it.

James Bond

Anacleto, agente secreto

My tribute to James Bond and to Anacleto, agente secreto,
beloved characters for kids and teenagers from other times.

Resources used in this activity

  1. I have used Hot Potatoes to creat the tests and Quandary for the action mazes on pages 1 and 3. They are excellent twin tools for interactive exercises.

  2. I have drawn the comic strips at Stripgenerator.com, a very good and funny web service, where you can publish your drawings in a gallery.

  3. The text areas on page 3 are two resources that I created for this blog using PHP and the TinyMCE HTML editor.

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