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James Bond – Mission Accomplished

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James BondJames Bond is an icon of western culture, and he has been the perfect secret agent for a long time. Writer Ian Fleming created James Bond in 1953, and his character has been a successful agent in all his missions since then. The novels and films that he has starred have accompanied our leisure time, and we have always had a great time with him. Now James Bond is going to check your skill in English verb tenses with some tests and stories. Verbs are actions, and James Bond is an expert in bold and difficult actions, as he shows us when he tries to catch spies and criminals all over the world.

In the improbable case that you don't know James Bond, here is a video which shows the main features of this famous character and all the actors who have starred James Bond's films. He is so perfect that you may want to know how to be James Bond. Todo bien

Our story

James Bond - Mission Accomplished is a simple and funny story created as an excuse to help students like you to manage English verb tenses. This activity has three parts:

  1. The easy part on page 1, where you have to choose the correct verb tense from a list. This will help you to work out the correct answers.
  2. The hard part on page 2, where you have to type the correct answers that you saw before on page 1 using the same story.
  3. The creative part on page 3, where you can write the next James Bond's mission using the beginnings of some stories.

Before you start, let's revise verb tenses with James Bond. The story The Enemy Drone will help you warm up for your hard mission. Press the START button.

You can revise English verb tenses on this blog with these activities:Robots from a Distant Planet

And, of course, you can search on the Web. Word Reference is a good dictionary.

1. The easy way

You have to choose the correct verb tense from each drop-down list. After each test, read the correct text to learn or revise the verb tenses.

Now you have to accomplish your special mission on page 2. Go for it!

Sigue leyendo

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Por Alejandro Valero en Inglés el 21.09.15 con 4 comentarios Bookmark and Share
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4 comentarios


[1] Por Ana M. Almarza el 21.09.15/16:47 Enlace permanente   Responder 

Ana M. Almarza

Great! {#} Bond save the Queen! {#lang_emotions_laughing}

And congratulations to your students for those stories!

[1.1] Por Alejandro Valero el 21.09.15/18:08 Enlace permanente

Alejandro Valero

Thank you, Ana. The Queen must be delighted with these new stories about James Bond. My students didn't know much about agent 007, but they are experts now. As for me, I'd like to be like James Bond when I'm at school. I'll try. Risa

[2] Por Javier Escajedo el 23.09.15/23:58 Enlace permanente   Responder 

Javier Escajedo

[2.1] Por Alejandro Valero el 25.09.15/19:14 Enlace permanente

Alejandro Valero

Es un test estupendo, Javier. Ni que decir tiene que lo he acertado a la primera. Todo bien El que me ha gustado siempre más es Roger Moore, porque era el que yo veía cuando era pequeño. Pero es que era el más gracioso e ingenioso de todos.

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