El delfín de El tinglado
El delfín de El tinglado

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James Bond – Mission Accomplished

James BondJames Bond is an icon of western culture, and he has been the perfect secret agent for a long time. Writer Ian Fleming created James Bond in 1953, and his character has been a successful agent in all his missions since then. The novels and films that he has starred have accompanied our leisure time, and we have always had a great time with him. Now James Bond is going to check your skill in English verb tenses with some tests and stories. Verbs are actions, and James Bond is an expert in bold and difficult actions, as he shows us when he tries to catch spies and criminals all over the world.

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LEGO, Only the Best Is Good Enough!


You have propably seen some of these, LEGO bricks! But have you ever heard of Ole Kirk Christiansen, a hard-working man who believed in his ideas and never gave up? Enjoy the story of LEGO, try the quizzes and you will discover many interesting facts about the most popular toys in the world.

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Los fantásticos libros voladores

The Fantastic Flying Books

Para celebrar el Día del Libro, en este tinglado hemos escogido la fantástica historia de los libros voladores, un vídeo excepcional que analizamos a nuestra manera con actividades educativas. El amor a los libros nunca se ha expresado mejor que en este vídeo lleno de arte y encanto. Con los libros convivimos en su casa fantástica y disfrutamos imaginando el mundo como una gran biblioteca. Al final nos vemos transformados después de este viaje a la Imaginación, que vuelve a comenzar con el siguiente libro. No hay ningún placer como la lectura. Volad con esta historia y decidnos cuál es vuestro libro volador.

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Past, Present and Future

Bomba de HiroshimaThis webquest is intended to help students to revise their knowledge of English verb tenses, but also to make them aware of the historical process. If we are to know who we are, we must know at least our recent past, get in touch with present concerns and foresee the future. It is a question of survival. The past is full of interesting events which reveal the essences of humankind. The present is a tangle of events, interests, ideas and worries that we should untwist to see what is really happening. And the future is always open to our hopes and our imagination in spite of the dangers we face today. Let's try to understand the world.

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Sintel in Search of a Dragon

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Sintel and the baby dragon

Would you like to watch a beautiful but sad story? Here is Sintel, a short video which will make you feel and think deeply. You will feel the sorrow of a girl who is looking for a baby dragon that she has lost. In her search, Sintel finds difficulties and has to fight to get what she wants. The end is not as she expected, but she finally gets a reward for her quest. Likewise, young people are always in search of something and they have to fight. This film shows that you may get a reward if you make efforts to achieve a goal.

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Robots from a Distant Planet. Revision of Verb Tenses

A good robot Millions of robots from a distant planet have invaded the Earth. They have made some announcements about their invasion, but we have to decipher them to know what they are saying. Can you do it? You only have to do these tests to find out the robots' intentions. Are they good or bad robots? What do they want to do on our planet? Can we fight against their armies? What must we do? Please, help us.

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