Fill in the gaps with the verbs in the correct form of the Present Prefect Simple tenses (e.g., I have done). After doing the test, listen to the transcript and press the Verify button. Then, correct the mistakes, if any, and press the Verify button again.

» Verbs in this order: INVADE - NOT FIND - DESTROY - SURRENDER - never BE - BE - BE - BRING - WAIT - you ever SEE

Hello again, humans. We all your planet already. We any resistance from human beings. We all your armies. Your World President, Obama, and now we rule the Earth. You happy, because there a lot of wars in the world, and there a lot of pollution. But we our peace and you are very happy now. The Great Rob for this moment for a long time. Now he is also the Earth leader and we are as happy as you are. a better world?