Fill in the gaps with the verbs in the correct tenses for future activities (e.g., I am doing, I will do, I am going to do). When you finish the test, listen to the transcript to check your answers and press the Verify button. Then, correct the mistakes, if any, and press the Verify button again. There are some hints pressing the [?] buttons, which will subtract some points from your final score.
  • WILL -> predictions, opinions, hopes, with condition, no intention.
  • Present Continuous -> arrangements: actions ready to happen.
  • BE + GOING TO + VERB -> intentions, plans; predictions based on facts.

» Verbs in this order: COME - VISIT - BUILD - LIVE - GET - HAVE - LIVE - NOT KILL - NOT BREAK - BE

Rob, our great leader, to the Earth with his army generals tomorrow, and they your World President to talk about our plans. We a lot of colonies on the Earth, and our leader with us for some time. If you don't help us to make them, we very angry. So, you to work hard from now on, but we promise that we in peace with you. We you, but we hope that you our rules. We are sure that the Earth a better planet in the future.