Adding information

        This year there are many extra activities at school, for example/instance chess, drama or sport.
         This year there are many extra activities at school such as chess, drama or sport.        
        (Usually initial position)
        She´s too young to travel abroad on her own.
        Furthermore/ Moreover her parents won´t let her go.
        (Followed by a sentence)
        She plays the piano, in addition, she sings in the choir.
        (Followed by a noun)
        In addition to English, she is studying French.
        She is studying French as well as English.
        (Usually middle position)   
        We also visited Poland during our travel to Central Europe.
        *You can use also with not only to give emphasis:
          We travelled not only to Central Europe, but also to Poland. 
           Who are you inviting  to the party besides your sister?
        (To add exceptions)
        He eats no fruit except (for) apples.
        He doesn´t eat any fruit apart from apples.