10,000 B.C.- Earliest settlers arrived in Ireland in the Middle Stone Age period, crossing from Scotland.

600-150 B.C.- Celtic tribes settled on the island.

100 B.C.- Arrival of the Gaels.

432 A.D.- Arrival of St. Patrick to convert pagan Irish kings to Christianity.

800 A.D.- Ireland attacked by Viking Norsemen.

1167- Arrival of Normans. Struggle between the English and the Irish; Ireland ruled by the monarchy of England, English Law in Ireland.

1641- Great Catholic rebellion for return of lands.

1695- Anti-Catholic Penal Laws were introduced, Catholics just hold 7% of their land.

1845- The Irish Potato Famine, many Irish emigrate to America.

1919-1921- Irish War of Independence against the British ending in the Anglo Irish Treaty. 

1920- Ireland was partitioned and the North-East became Northern Ireland, part of the United Kingdom. 

1951- IRA (Irish Republican Army) campaign in Northern Ireland. 

1994- IRA declares cease-fire.

1998- Initial peace-plan, the Good Friday Agreement, accepted by all political parties.