S.O.S. Blue Planet calling!

Webquest sobre el calentamiento global, sus consecuencias y actitudes individuales a desarrollar.El objetivo es la adquisición de vocabulario y el manejo de recursos específicos en inglés. Las actividades están enfocadas a familiarizar a los alumnos con documentos sobre el tema para que ellos mismos, como tarea final, elaboren un trabajo personal acerca de estas cuestiones con la información obtenida a través de los recursos que se ofrecen.

1. Introduction

Global warming, desertification, animal extinction, melting poles, natural disasters... You surely hear those words every day but you probably think it is not your responsibility!

Watch the following video:

Global Warming from National Geographic


Find out how YOUR DAILY LIFE affects the planet and how YOU can contribute to stop environment destruction.

2. Proccess

Glossary: find out the meaning of a few words related to environmental problems and solutions.

Click on the glossary

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Questions: find the answers to the following questions by exploring the links below. You can find some "clues" on the topics to make the search easier through the websites. Send the answers to your teacher using the editor.

  1. Global warming caused by resources depletion and pollution brings about social and political problems. How do desertificaction, melting ice or contaminated water affect people´s ordinary lives all around the world?
  2. Why is it necessary for humans to keep biodiversity? Which human actions are causing the loss of natural species? Describe different ways to avoid extinction (trade, preservation of habitats, animal adoption,...)
  3. Most of the individual actions you could easily take to avoid waste or pollution are related to the three "Rs" (Reusing,reducing,recycling). Think of some actions for every "R" and explain your choice.



Animations on melting ice, desertification,biodiversity.


Stop climate change videos.


Environment for young Europeans.


Facts about environmental damage.


Animal protection.


Recycling guide.

3. Final task

Your final task will consist of designing a document (word,powerpoint) including the following topics :

  1. Global warming effects you feel more worried about (i.e. climate change, extinction,...)
  2. Actions that increase those effects (i.e. air pollution, resources depletion,...)
  3. Ordinary habits people could change to stop the destruction of the planet (i.e. reducing energy: at home, at school, using public transport,...)

Writing tips:

4. Evaluation

You will get marks both for the process and the final project.

The process will be evaluated considering:

The final project will be evaluated by:

5. Conclusion

At the end of this activity you should know:

If you were not aware of the global problems that the Earth is facing, you will surely have learnt how human actions are causing the destruction of the planet and how your individual habits can contribute to stop the degradation of the environment.

But the main task is not finished! Move for the Earth and tell everybody they should. Remember: Our Blue Planet is calling...for help.

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