El delfín de El tinglado
El delfín de El tinglado

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Vérsame mucho

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sweet and hot,
bleeding quietly
like an open wound.
If only it could close again.

sweet and red,
melting slowly
like ice in the desert.
If only I could taste it again.

beautiful and colorful,
sunbathing peacefully
like lungs on the Earth.
If only they never decayed.

My heart,
dying and sincere,
gasping continuously,
like living in a world with no air.
If only you were here.

My dear book,
faithful and friendly,
waiting for me quietly
like the sea waits for the river.
If only you were in my dreams.

My feelings,
faithful and loyal,
staying with your heart forever
like butterflies looking for freedom
If only they could fly far far away.

fast and expensive,
moving quickly
like a jaguar in the jungle.
If only I could buy one.

brown and soft,
walking slowly
like plastic feet.
If only I could buy them.

useful and entertaining,
developing quickly
like children growing up.
If only we could use them well.

Personal computer,
you are fast but a little silly.
The paper bin is waiting for you.
You are like an ice-cream in winter.
I wish you the best, computer.

ugly and dangerous,
killing quickly
like a killer in the films.
If only it was in prison.

spectacular and entertaining,
moving people all the weeks,
like the best of the concerts.
If only my team could win.

creepy and weirdo,
disappearing slowly
like a frightened animal running into the dark.
If only I was special.

School girl,
bored and tired,
studying hard
like a miner working underground.
If only I could pass my exams.


little and soft,
crying loudly
like a world of tears.
If only I could have a baby brother.

beautiful and colourful,
crossing the horizon
like a stairway to the sky.
If only I could touch it.

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