El delfín de El tinglado
El delfín de El tinglado

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Anna’s Music Band

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3. Audio transcription

Read this audio transcription only when you have finished the test or if you find it difficult to do.

J--What do you do for a hobby, Anna?

A--Well, my hobbyï¿s a little unusual I guess! I sing in a band with some of my friends. Bob plays drums, Jane plays guitar, Sally plays keyboard and Dan plays bass guitar.

J--Really! What kind of music do you play?

A--We play rock and roll songs and sometimes we play gigs in village halls and clubs! We often make mistakes - we need more practice. Dan's the worst. He often plays out of time or out of tune! He doesn't play very well, to be honest. But he's very energetic and dances wildly on stage. The audience enjoys that. Jane isn't too good either. She doesn't always remember when to start playing. And sometimes she doesn't remember when to stop! Luckily, Bob is very good. When the song is near the end he reminds everyone to stop! Sally is good too. She is shy and doesn't enjoy playing on stage, but she can read music and she never plays a wrong note.

J--Do you make any mistakes?

A--Of course not, I'm great - I'm a really good singer. I practise all the time - in the shower, in the kitchen, at night, even in class sometimes! I don't think we're too bad, really. I don't really want to be famous - I just love singing!

Audio from Malted.

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